Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Researched Anxiety Last Night

I found interesting stuff. A guy who has a method for sale for $177. Reviews of that guy, and lots of other stuff too. Most of the stuff was regarding people who have an anxiety syndrome that affects them all day. I only get it when I'm in a trade, but I watched a youtube vid of this guy and he did share a bit of useful info.

I know how it messes me up & Dr. Brett has written about it. I am disgusted by it so I am going to stop it. I was able to trade today, it was a great trading day, but not in the right sessions.... On trade 1, I employed what I learned and I actually had almost none. I was in shock but it was really, really nice!

It was a hectic afternoon session, and trade 1 was a breakeven, trade 2 was pretty risky for some reasons I'll go into later, but I did have some anxiety, but again I fought it with the new info and it definitely helped. Then I was able to kill the second trade with only 2 ticks, but that was not a bad thing, it was an appropriate kill ...this time.

This is too much, once I start typing I can't stop. It's probably better that some people don't know how to type so well. :-)

In conclusion, I am PSYCHED. Because I was able to get the courage up to trade, make pretty good non-mistake trades, and make a dent in my anxiety in the trades, and finally, NO LOSS. Two trades and broke even including FEES. And it's very cool also to be using StockTwits and be involved in communication in this biz that can be you and your computer, if you're not in a prop shop or something like that.

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