Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lost on Errors Chart

Here's the chart to go with yesterdays' errors. This morning I realized that this error had a deeper mental component. I have missed the entries on the opening surge on most of the recent days. It wasn't ok with me, I guess I wasn't over it. I didn't know that about myself, so once again, a thought or feeling that was just under the surface, in the mildly subconscious, influenced my actions.

I have worked out many of those over the past 18 months. Why else would I break two of my rules? How could I allow that to happen? Because a stronger thought or feeling in my subconscious over ruled my conscious thoughts. Tricky stuff. So this little f*ck*ng programmed in 'virus,' ruined my mental operating system. My question to Dr. Brett is, How do I find these and eliminate them?

It's not all bad, of course, because I knew pretty soon that I was wrong, I tightened up my stop, and let it hit and did not re-enter. I knew something serious was going on. There were legit opportunities later on, but I guess I was subconsciously freaked out more than I admitted to myself since I just didn't trade again. Not a bad thing.

Today, there was a move up. This time, I felt the frustration, said something to myself about how it sucked, then calmed down and correctly analyzed that there was no opportunity. Then when midday arrived, I saw an entry after trend change, but I was hungry, I called the entry on StockTwits, then I went and ate food. I was ok with that. That is actually an improvement also. Then I dealt with missing opportunities all the way down. Then I correctly entered some setups on the bounce and correctly killed one and broke even on other. I was functional. And now because of today, I feel great. This is how I want to feel. This is my goal.

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