Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Link To Great Post by Dr. Brett

Dr. Brett Steenbarger posted a link to an older post that is really good. Keeping Grounded as a Trader: How to Avoid Going on Tilt.

It's one of those things that seems obvious but you know you wouldn't have thought or written it. I can visualize other people at work over reacting now and laugh at how weird it would be. I'm also picturing my trading with a loss or stop out or mistake and not taking it hard any more. I'm also realizing that I already know this in all my other occupations. IT, Music, Art, driving, etc.

The guy is good, really good.

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  1. Yes, he's the Al Brooks of the shrink community! :)

    Emotions and trading is a lethal combination. It works ok for me most of the time and then once in a while...

    It's the once in a while that gets us. :)