Saturday, March 20, 2010

George Costanza Opposite Modified

The interesting part of this George Costanza Does the Opposite, GCOPP, is that I somehow knew where to use this and where it does not apply.

This is really important because it is tuning up my trading. I am not 100% wrong in trading. I have certain areas where I think that I must be using instinct. Or some kind of intuition or less-than-fully-conscious reasoning.

Where GCOPP was applied by me successfully was where the character, GC, actually stated his predicament in the Seinfield show. He said that every 'instinct' he had was wrong. He was really only applying that to certain parts of his life. Obviously, "every," decision wasn't wrong or he would be dead. The analogy to my trading does not apply to all of it. I know that some of my decisions are also correct. I have lots of proof of that. So the $1.6 million question, is, "Where does this apply and where does it not apply?

($1.6 million was made by Don Miller last year trading e-mini's)

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