Monday, March 1, 2010

Equity Curve but Only Very Recent

This is only the last 2 weeks because I just can't show any earlier...yet. I intend to reach my goals and improve on this. After it has improved, I may show earlier mess. I have never been this consistent. So I'm posting this to show that I finally am starting to trend upward. Gotta start somewhere.


  1. Whoops! Sorry Jay, just noticed your post on my blog on Feb 19th. I apologize for not answering your question.
    I am finding that trading YM is a bit easier than NQ (a bit more tame).
    This AM I added NYSE $Tick and BuySellVolume to my setups thanks to Brett, and I am finding that they are great!!
    Congrats on your rising Equity curve!

  2. Ditto Radek: Congrats! And a thank you. :)

  3. Hey Radek, no prob, TICK is good, I'm always checking it. Sometimes I over use it tho and it keeps me out, other times, it really saves me a lot. So I keep using it.