Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Think I learned Today

There's nothing like sim trading to let yourself make mistakes and learn from them without the influence of real money.

Real live trading and real money is not the way to learn.

We learn from our mistakes, the saying goes.

Do you want to pay for every lesson in hard dollars? I sure did for 18 months and I'm really not as far along in the process as one would expect.

There are loads of additional and impeding thoughts and emotions that go with real money loss and gain that complicate the purity of the lesson.

Today I can say, I impulse traded because I thought I saw a setup, but then while in the trade I realized that if I had just spent a few moments to analyze the situation in the way that I already know how to do, I would not be seeing red and losing here. But I can also say, hey, don't do that. Kill this trade, and move on.

Now what if there was real money involved? I would definitely not be so purely analytical about the lesson because I would now also have additional thoughts and feelings around this simple lesson. I might not even get to the lesson at all. I might not learn anything.

I might feel guilt, loss, grief, depression, anger, frustration, fear, greed, need, shock, despair, doom, having to cover the loss, paying, reloading account maybe, telling someone about it, and on and on and on and on. I guess you can say I've been there.

Today I have nothing but lessons. Here is a post by Dr. Brett regarding learning:

Awesome End of Day Drop

Wow. Did you see this? It is a fantastic drop with plenty of time to enter short and two great 5 minute reversal bar pairs. Then a close on low bar and bang bang bang. All the way down. Ouch.

I think I must have been busy blogging.

What a day.

Gain Final Trade of Day - Very Good Call

I liked the handle on the cup & handle formation there, but it was going very slow.

I had a snack. I sat down and saw that there was a break under prior 2 five minute bar lows and it formed a bottoming tail bar with a close on high. Entered long there and managed it well.

Saw that ES was at resistance and was potentially forming a double top.

Monitored internals and they were ok, had some decent gain so I advanced my stop to break even plus one.

Not happy when I was one tick away from stop because of severe pullback. So I decided then and there that I would exit on the next push. So I tightened up my target stop and it hit.

I was out and it was pretty accurate as price reversed there and then made a lower high and another nice reversal pair and dropped severely in the final half hour.

Exit Was An Entry

Looking back at the prior trade, I see that there was a very nice bull flag and my mistakenly early entry was lucky to be pulled up and out. However, there was a small bar that closed on it's high and indicated an entry if there hadn't been one earlier on the bull flag.

Used Al Brooks H2 But Incorrectly

So I was thinking that I would take H2 here. Great idea, only it wasn't H2, it was H3. And taking H3 long is a bad idea since Al Brooks theory states that after a failed H2, everyone expects two legs down. Great.

So in this trade I was thinking how internals were only falling very mildly. Price was holding up ok. I was so near to stop out I decided to try and manage my way out of this. Then some internals dipped and price did not. I then widened my stop to under support rather than at it.

Then NYSE TICK dipped and price did not indicating some bullish strength.

Then to fix my inability to find highs, I placed a line on close for NQH10 on top of my NQH10 candle chart to drill home into my head where the darn highs actually are.

This helped because I also noticed that two legs down happened after the H2 failure. So like magic price held on and started looking bullish.

Price then popped up out of this range and I exited with gain on a new TICK high.

Not the best exit considering this is a trending day and I'm still exiting thinking 'range' in my head. Price continued up a lot and that shows I wasn't paying attention.

I was more concerned with the thought of my gain rather than the market telling me that it was ready to continue trending here. ** common error.

Note To Self - Do Not Scalp

Scalp is an excuse for me to drop my discipline and gamble because it is a tighter stop and target. Always a loss for me.

Problem here is that NQ is doing it's normal thing of moving around more than ES.

Here ES is firmly entrenched at the top area and not breaking over it.

NQ is dancing around like usual and broke out over this top.

Going long here is not good because the pull back wasn't a moderately stepping down with bullish power, it was a chop right down reversal from the prior high. That's bearish and too much of a strong pullback to be entering long at that point.

Error; should not have traded there.

More Loses At Same Point As Earlier Post

Here's more detail into prior loss and 2 more after that.

I was too eager to trade (sim) and make up my sim gains so that I can trade live again. Well, it doesn't matter what the reason is, if it isn't based firmly on the facts of the market formations, then I will lose.

There was fantastic opportunity here in these rare trend follow thru formations and setups. I blew them all.

If I am going to trade live, I will have to make sure I don't repeat this kind of garbage trading.

Impulse Trade - Not Enough Time In Analysis

This was a mistake. My thoughts at entry were to jump in on this pullback in the downtrend. But there was a really strong bottom formation with BT bar testing the low for a double bottom and also a reversal bar that passed the prior low and reacted sharply up on that bar.

NYSE TICK also was divergent there and it was also making higher lows and there was a strong support point right at my entry short for an additional double bottom confirming the trend change and this is also a bull flag at that point.

This was a pause for the new trend direction to be continued. Big mistake.

Gap Fill At Open With a Small Gain

Gap fill long at open. Used old method of advancing stop to plus 3 ticks over break even. Not a good idea in this volatile open especially when I am very convinced of the NASDAQ 100 futures contract price rising to fill the gap.

I ended up getting only the stop advance when NQM10 rose up to fill gap solidly.

Included the NASDAQ 100 futures contract tick chart here as well to show the volatility and how the price made 3 really solid attempts to fill the gap each making higher lows and higher highs before pulling back. Very nice moves, very poor management on my part.

See later posts for a good exit I just made.

Faded Base Breakout On ES Double Top & NYSE TICK Weakness

The title says it all.

I saw ES had a double top.

NYSE TICK was pulling back and was making much lower highs than on the prior push where price didn't move nearly as far, creating a massive divergence.

Shorted this with stop loss set over prior bar.

Don't Fade Incomplete Bar

I attempted to fade this tall bar, but it wasn't complete. It's a 5m breakout of a base that doesn't have internals supporting it at the end of the day.

I got stopped and then decided to try it again.

See next post for the much better timed trade.

This was too low odds, but I did keep a very tight stop, but over all a mistake.

Range Trade Wrong For Trend

I'm so used to getting burned on my trend trades when market isn't trending and since I recently had some successful sim trades fading trend trades in a ranging market, that I made the mistake here of fading the trend. Oops. But I realized this and killed it.

I Love Sim Trading

I was able to work out a lot of things and renew lessons on impulse trading and how that feels and why it's so bad. Taking sim seriously is so good to do, I feel the same way as live trading and then have to remind myself it's sim and I feel relieved. I made adjustments and learned stuff and really looking forward to massive sim gains and then at some point reload account. This is gonna be good.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I think I may have finally seen a good example in the market of Don Miller's concept of, 'morning after trend day,' MATD.

I don't know if it is true that there have been fewer trending days lately, but it seems like it to my limited experience in the market. It may just be that I am more observant of trend vs range than I was earlier.

Monday trended, I was surprised. Today opened with a gap up and it looked like a strong trending day was going to continue yesterday's trend day. But seriously, how often does that happen?

So Don has a theory that often, the day after a trend day has traders psyched up for more trending. There is an attempt made to trend that fails and is able to be faded.

It looks to me that this is what we have here. This chart is NQ 5m and the nice bullish pullback that continued up sure was a strong bullish move and then ouch. A continuation that failed with a long legged doji and it looked, at the time, that bulls could be pissed off by that. Looking back, it seems they were and the gap was closed by a ten point drop from the top.

Don is away for a week, I wanted to ask him if this is what he means, but I am certain enough that I can post this. If it weren't for the flooding over here I would have sim traded this with a short under the bar that closed on it's low. OTOH, it is at support in an uptrend, so you would have to really believe in MATD if you were going to counter trend trade this baby.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sim Trade Gains & Loses

I sim traded a lot, and made some mistakes, but learned from them. Net loss on the day, but the mistakes I made were more experimental and I worked some things out with them. I have a hundred screen caps and notes from today.

In summary, I observed the problem with wide stops, taking trades when the current direction is weakening, not taking gains when they are looking realistically like the leg will now pivot, waiting for more - greed, and ending up with a stop loss.

The good moves were, excellently judging internals pushing while price is resisting and the end result being follow thru to the downside on my short TR7. Other good was realizing that the minor break on weakness seen by top tails was not going to continue, killing it before large stop loss, and reversing the position for a gain. TR5 & 6.

TR3 was good. TR2 was a very quick move that I took and as soon as I did, I realized that I was reacting exactly as those few who were driving price down on high emotion, I reacted fast and shorted as I saw the reversal up fail to downside, but this was a very tall bar and price was down at support and these bars were tall and volatile and I immediately knew that this was a trap, and I got trapped and took it and rode it and felt what it was like to be one of these traders. It is good and safe to do this when doing serious simulation like this.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Knowing Versus Acting THE PAYOFF

In the Matrix, Morpheus says to Neo, "There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

There are plenty of things that I thought I knew about but changing habitual behavior is huge and knowing about changing or even how to change or why to change habitual behavior is important, but it surely is nothing near the actual change.

What you don't see here in this blog because I have left it out, is my blow up on Friday, March 19, and Monday, March 22. That's because I have been trying to make sense of it and find the meaning before just putting it out there looking very stupid.

Ok, so the point to all of this directly regarding trading is to not trade trend strategies in the absence of a trend. Sounds very simple. Many things are. However, when dealing with changing habitual behavior, nothing is simple. The simplest rule could be the hardest thing to change. Try to tell an addicted smoker to stop. Some do, but those who have a problem with that find it difficult. Habits are hard to break.

I also knew about the part that is missing from what I know about the Pristine method, and that is fading moves.

On my own, after having things that triggered my frustration, I have faded trending moves, as well as taken trend method setups in the absence of a trend. These two things are what made up most of my losses.

Fading the extremes in a range is the answer, and the opposite to taking the trend-style setups in a range. *** This is where George Costanza Does the Opposite came into play a while ago.

There are those times where I am out there on my own, not having a rule to follow for the action I am seeing real time, that gives me the chance to use my intuition, but not having an expert trader's intuition or 'instinct,' leaves me with nothing but my trend method trading techniques in the range. That is why GCOPP worked the few times that I tried it two weeks ago, because I was taking opposite trades to my trend trading style and there was no trend. So this is the big, gigantic, revelation that I have assembled from all of these posts.

***THE PAYOFF for you all to read these semi-dramatic posts. They actually lead somewhere. Somewhere is something that I can use, but I think that the process might be valuable to observe. That is doing, analyzing, searching, introspecting, analyzing, observing, and eventually, coming to a conclusion that is a lesson.

In this case, a lesson that I "knew" about forever, but never deeply knew enough to feel and be able to walk it until in desperation, and after being unable to trade because of desperate trading in deep frustration, blowing out my account and then being forced to be analytical and process it all. The result is that I will be sim trading this new revelation of missing the lesson, until I see real results, then reload and carry on. I don't give up easily this is not over for me.

Range Into Trend - Thu Mar 25, 2010

I watched the market range most of the morning then break out into some nice trending action. I realized something big as I was forced into thinking and not trading since I haven't reloaded my account and I'm stuck sim trading or no trading.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday Similar to Tuesday

There have been very long periods of no opportunity lately. But today, Thursday, Dr. Brett Steenbarger had some very good posts regarding this. I thought about it and realized some important stuff that I'm trying to condense.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Patience Required Tuesday

Very low volatility yesterday. It looked like no opportunity, but not true. If anyone had the patience, I didn't, there was a setup. The 5m and 2m charts were congested, but the 15m was the one to watch. I do watch it, but I don't usually take setups with it. Seen here, it was a really nice inverse head & shoulders with a perfect reversal pair of bars at the neck line for the move.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stop Out OK

Planned to take NQ long after a breakout of the prior high. I did that and was stopped out. The internals were supporting the long as they were nicely bullish, but after the stop out I realized something. The prior legs were around 12, 5 minute bars long. I went long on a bar that was over the prior bar's high, but only after 6 bars. This leg was not done correcting. Since this was in a bullish environment for the day, the stop took a while and I was actually able to advance it as price advanced over prior bars.

So this loss was good. It was a valid entry and based on valid analysis and the market just wasn't ready to move at that point and this stop out proved it to me. With a little more insight, however, I think I could have passed on this one, but I would not place this trade in the 'mistake' category.

Summing the 2 sim trades for the day, the sim account is still up a bit.

NYSE TICK and Current Conditions

Really Nice Example of NYSE TICK Divergence and Extreme at a Pivot Top

The +1,000 TICK extreme happened at 13:05. NQ had a taller bar and both 5m bars of NQ & TICK closed with top tail. Notice that prior to the TICK extreme was positively one-sided TICK and that is bullish, but not very strong. Price moved up nicely anyway and the purple line is the advance decline line, ADD. It was rising so combined, this is bullish. I wasn't trading here because it was midday no follow thru time, but this was an exception to that.

Then the divergence came as NQ price continued to a higher high, yet TICK did not also notice ADD leveling off. There was a setup in there for a short if you wanted to scalp it.

The moving averages are still strong and I was not thinking short at all today so the bounce on the prior support and MA's and the little double bottom was nice and there was a very minor TICK divergence there also as second bottom had a slightly higher low on the TICK. From here it looks to me like a test of the highs and at that point we've gone a long way already today considering recent sizes of moves and I wouldn't expect another surge, but it is possible and if internals support it, I might buy the first pullback after a strong move up past 1951 NQ. Still on simulator.

Also, notice that the TICK extreme came at the end of a move up that was moving while the TICK was not at those very high levels of +900 or over +1k. So this +1k extreme was not confirmation of strength, but an indication of the end of the leg, more indication of at least a pivot and the leg down lasted for many TICK bars.

Gap Fill Gain At Open

Saw the 5m entry after bar closed on high and the gap to be filled. I couldn't hit the button fast enough and had to enter a market order. Took very little heat and it was on increasingly bullish internals so the heat was very short lived. Exited on gap fill for about 10 tick gain. If I was playing 2 contracts it would have been good to let second one run as internals continued bullish moves. I'll need a few more of these sim gains before trading live again.

What was missing here was implementation of the GCOPP to my incorrect 'instinct' of taking a gain and exiting a 'winner.' I forgot about that as the action was moving and I was making screen captures.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

George Costanza Opposite Modified

The interesting part of this George Costanza Does the Opposite, GCOPP, is that I somehow knew where to use this and where it does not apply.

This is really important because it is tuning up my trading. I am not 100% wrong in trading. I have certain areas where I think that I must be using instinct. Or some kind of intuition or less-than-fully-conscious reasoning.

Where GCOPP was applied by me successfully was where the character, GC, actually stated his predicament in the Seinfield show. He said that every 'instinct' he had was wrong. He was really only applying that to certain parts of his life. Obviously, "every," decision wasn't wrong or he would be dead. The analogy to my trading does not apply to all of it. I know that some of my decisions are also correct. I have lots of proof of that. So the $1.6 million question, is, "Where does this apply and where does it not apply?

($1.6 million was made by Don Miller last year trading e-mini's)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

George Costanza is a Better Trader Than Me

I just had 2 for 3 and the 2 were better than my last 50 live trades. I'll cap the charts to post later.

George Costanza Does The Opposite - Trade

After a long losing streak of sim trades, I did the opposite. Looked long, I shorted. As of 12:20pm, still alive after 1/2 an hour.

Simulated Trading

Not reloading account right now. Paper trading, sim trading only. Quadro NVS 280 Nvidia card died, no dual monitors for now.

Yesterday NQ was strange. I wonder what's going on with the market, is it me or does it look like a lot less volatility and a lot less opportunity than there used to be.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mind Trap & Changes

I pressured myself. That caused stress. I was unable to function in that state of mind. Nothing I did made sense. Not going to post the ugly messy charts. I have to go back and take a look at the trades I made when I was 14 gains of 15 trades. I am also going to arrange it so that I am not using scared money. This new arrangement will take a while. In the meantime, I am going to sim trade and post those trades for sure. I'm still feeling very positive and optimistic almost even more so than ever before somehow.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gain - Much Needed - Gap Fill Play With Perfect Execution

Trade one Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Gain. Setup was after a confirmed double bottom, with a small consolidation at high with internals supporting with some gap to fill above with target at the gap fill point and stop under the inside bars that consolidated.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost Again - One Day Left as a Full Time Trader

Hit maximum daily loss today. I have one reload left, possibly 2.

I had a really strong feeling to short where I thought longs were trapped, but I decided to wait for "confirmation" that the Pristine Method teaches. So I waited patiently, or so I thought, and found their "Money Bar" setup and shorted it. I got trapped as this wide stop setup failed and as it failed, it became a strong setup for the opposite direction, a long, but too late for me. It had some decent follow thru to the upside.

I was also considering Don Miller's "Morning after trend day," as price popped over prior day's high just before this short. I should have stuck to my normal convergence of all internals that I normally use and not try to counter trend trade. Live, lose, learn, leave.

This happens and at some point there is a limit to how many losses any account can absorb.

2 Lessons From 2 Mistakes & a Kill

1: Rule broken, 'no initial breakouts or breakdowns.' From this error, learned, or burned in idea of, at least on NQ, every breakout and breakdown turns into a shake out. So never jump in on one. I took one and got shaken out and price continued. It happens, but I should have known better since it almost always happens.

Trade 2: Killed for right reasons, but slipped about 5 ticks on exit.

3: Good entry, but, especially after 2 losses, I was less than optimistic so I advanced my stop assuming I was going to lose again. Of course my advanced stop hit and I only got 2 ticks, then price moved for 12 points.

I won't be here much longer if I don't capture the moves that follow thru. I have good entries and I need to let the gainers run even if I made no more mistakes. Even if I was never stopped out again and killed for break even every time, without the runners, there is no trader trading and gaining. I have 2 days left if I don't capture any decent gains in these next two days.

2 lessons.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Accuracy & Level Headed Restraint in the Face of Frustration in a Range Day

Traders can become personally invested in a bias or a position taken. They may fall into defending their belief in being right or wrong. Other psychological influences on a trade could also be wanting to be in a position, letting a position ride, embracing the risk even if it has increased, etc. Today I was successful in killing a trade for the right reasons.

This seemingly insignificant event is significant to me since I've had a lot of interference in accurately assessing the current status of a position that I am in. Another interfering thing is anxiety. Frustration with the position and the market environment could also influence clear thinking.

The morning was in a range. When this happens, midday is a good time to stay near the trading platform since it is more likely to move then. Today I split anyway and went out to lunch knowing this. When I returned for the pm session, generally around 2pm, I saw that I did miss a couple of opportunities. I didn't let this affect me. Unfortunately, it was back to ranging in pm.

My only trade was based on internals and price, as they all are. In the trade, I reviewed my anti-anxiety notes on index cards and this worked again for me. I cycled thru all the internals and price and determined that there was a change in the market environment and it was highly likely that my position was not going to follow thru. I decided to kill with a market order and I was filled at break even. Only lost fees.

The market did turn around but not in a setup that I was able to enter. Later near the close, I got strong feeling of intuition that the move over the most recent high was going to break out. I resisted trading because I know that many times I've lost on that kind of trade, but back in Q4 2008, an end-of-day move like that might have exploded 10 points. I was programmed for high volatility back then when I started so I know now to resist certain feelings that are incorrect intuition and to only be fully conscious of all decisions based on my trading plan. I sure was glad I just watched it. It did what it does lately, nothing. NQ moved 3 ticks on the breakout that I sensed and then pulled in near the close.

I feel as good as if I had a big gain. Earlier today I didn't; I felt like trading was hopeless but I now know how to manage my mood better and I'm optimistic, and ate food. Psych for me is tricky, but I can manage it so much better thru my painful trading struggles for the past 18 months.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Loss and Gains Thursday & Friday Mar 4 & 5, 2010

Chart 1 is the breakdown I took that was a mistake, one of my rules is to not take breakdowns. This one made no sense considering that there was a big reversal up from the lows.

Chart 2 after I regrouped and reset, I was able to function and got stopped out on a stop advance. Possibly too soon, I don't remember.

Chart 3 is from today. I entered the wedge on a bullish increase in internals. Exit was nice, looks like I sold on the ask. I had the order in there for a while.

Personal Discovery - Cyclical Moods

I have been digging deeply into my psychology for a long time. I thought I found out why I had a losing streak a few weeks ago. I realized that I was in a bad mood because I was upset about something specific and it lasted a couple of days and ruined my trading after a long gaining streak. It was more evident at that time since I've only had a couple of streaks of winning in a series like that.

What I discovered yesterday, however, was that, yes, maybe that time was a bad mood, but more importantly, I have ups and downs. I cycle through them. It sounds simple, but how else would I have discovered it besides being involved in a performance activity? In any other activity, a low state wouldn't matter at all. However, in a performance activity where your every move is judged extremely accurately by being quantified in gains and losses, the performer's details are amplified.

So these moods change how I think. I need these two moods. I am creative and deeper and feeling more in the low mood. It may not even be a lesser mood, it could be just as good as the other, not really needing to be judged, but really identified and managed. I will not trade in mood 2. No way. But now that I know about it, I am looking forward to it because it is a part of me and I have a lot of things I can do besides trade while in state of mind I'll now call creative. I refuse to call it, '2,' or bad or 'low' anymore.

There actually are things that I want to do besides trade and I never really knew when to do them, especially since I've been wanting to study and trade and analyze, etc. Now I know when to do art, music, writing, etc.

Trading was only supposed to be an instrumental goal, while my creative goals were intrinsic. I feel a great weight has been lifted. I now know myself much better. My obsession is not quite over, but contained. I am really psyched, it's like I can now manage my life for the first time, with just the slightest little new awareness. How could it have taken this long? Did I never try and stretch myself this hard? I feel freed from the confusion of my own personality attributes.

So I pounded the heck out of my drums and guitar last night and I think I almost feel like I can activate these states. Knowing that I was in creative state earlier in the day, I was able to re-enter it later at night. I don't even know if I know exactly how to describe this new competency.
At least I knew last night that I was up late engaging that mood and this morning I knew I was up too late to get to the trading platform right at the open. I took my time to properly prepare for trading no matter how late I was since I now know there is no shortcut in prep. Then I was fine missing some moves, then I stuck with it, then I analyzed correctly, gained on a scalp, took lunch, etc. Functioned.

"Know Thyself." I made a step in that direction. So this journal entry is mostly a personal one. Like a real journal, but I am posting it anyway. I feel elevated and calm.

I'll work now on the technical post to come next regarding yesterday's mistake that lead to this mood lesson, and the second scalp, a gain, and today's gain on a trade scalp.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bad Day, No Comment

Repeated an old problem. Made mistakes. More tomorrow.

2 Trades Wed 3.3.10

Funny, I forgot to put up the trades I took today. First was break even after advancing stop after it was ahead 6 ticks, and that was the perfect move. Second was a kill since it was nearing end of day and it was up at prior high and price failed to move higher on a NYSE TICK push up to prior TICK resistance point which said to me that it was out of fuel. Also the best thing to do at the time.

I didn't trade off the 1m chart, but these were so fast they look better on the 1m.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Link To Great Post by Dr. Brett

Dr. Brett Steenbarger posted a link to an older post that is really good. Keeping Grounded as a Trader: How to Avoid Going on Tilt.

It's one of those things that seems obvious but you know you wouldn't have thought or written it. I can visualize other people at work over reacting now and laugh at how weird it would be. I'm also picturing my trading with a loss or stop out or mistake and not taking it hard any more. I'm also realizing that I already know this in all my other occupations. IT, Music, Art, driving, etc.

The guy is good, really good.

Account Equity Chart Cheating

I shaved off the first 2 days from prior and this one looks a little better. It's cheating, but I did it anyway. This will improve. I am totally dedicated to it with my entire existence.

Lost on Errors Chart

Here's the chart to go with yesterdays' errors. This morning I realized that this error had a deeper mental component. I have missed the entries on the opening surge on most of the recent days. It wasn't ok with me, I guess I wasn't over it. I didn't know that about myself, so once again, a thought or feeling that was just under the surface, in the mildly subconscious, influenced my actions.

I have worked out many of those over the past 18 months. Why else would I break two of my rules? How could I allow that to happen? Because a stronger thought or feeling in my subconscious over ruled my conscious thoughts. Tricky stuff. So this little f*ck*ng programmed in 'virus,' ruined my mental operating system. My question to Dr. Brett is, How do I find these and eliminate them?

It's not all bad, of course, because I knew pretty soon that I was wrong, I tightened up my stop, and let it hit and did not re-enter. I knew something serious was going on. There were legit opportunities later on, but I guess I was subconsciously freaked out more than I admitted to myself since I just didn't trade again. Not a bad thing.

Today, there was a move up. This time, I felt the frustration, said something to myself about how it sucked, then calmed down and correctly analyzed that there was no opportunity. Then when midday arrived, I saw an entry after trend change, but I was hungry, I called the entry on StockTwits, then I went and ate food. I was ok with that. That is actually an improvement also. Then I dealt with missing opportunities all the way down. Then I correctly entered some setups on the bounce and correctly killed one and broke even on other. I was functional. And now because of today, I feel great. This is how I want to feel. This is my goal.

Researched Anxiety Last Night

I found interesting stuff. A guy who has a method for sale for $177. Reviews of that guy, and lots of other stuff too. Most of the stuff was regarding people who have an anxiety syndrome that affects them all day. I only get it when I'm in a trade, but I watched a youtube vid of this guy and he did share a bit of useful info.

I know how it messes me up & Dr. Brett has written about it. I am disgusted by it so I am going to stop it. I was able to trade today, it was a great trading day, but not in the right sessions.... On trade 1, I employed what I learned and I actually had almost none. I was in shock but it was really, really nice!

It was a hectic afternoon session, and trade 1 was a breakeven, trade 2 was pretty risky for some reasons I'll go into later, but I did have some anxiety, but again I fought it with the new info and it definitely helped. Then I was able to kill the second trade with only 2 ticks, but that was not a bad thing, it was an appropriate kill ...this time.

This is too much, once I start typing I can't stop. It's probably better that some people don't know how to type so well. :-)

In conclusion, I am PSYCHED. Because I was able to get the courage up to trade, make pretty good non-mistake trades, and make a dent in my anxiety in the trades, and finally, NO LOSS. Two trades and broke even including FEES. And it's very cool also to be using StockTwits and be involved in communication in this biz that can be you and your computer, if you're not in a prop shop or something like that.

Slow Morning, Fast Midday

The first 2 1/2 hours were hard to sit through. Mostly overlapping bars on all time frames. Two sets of ranges with quad tops with topping tails on them. StockTwits comments were confirming how slow the volume and momentum were. On this type of morning, midday sometimes wakes up. I went and got food, and missed the first short. Not expecting increased follow thru, I didn't mind, but then the momentum picked up and retraced the entire am gains in less than half the time. It was a nice move.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lost on Errors

One of my trading rules is to have NQ aligned with ES but today I entered a long on NQ over the highs while ES was only rising from a pivot into the trend channel and was rejected from the top and my NQ long got stopped out. Other rule I broke was that the setup needs to be on the 5m as well as the 2m and the setup I took was really poor. Not sure what happened to me today. I lost a point and a tick and didn't trade after that. Definitely missed some decent setups.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Equity Curve but Only Very Recent

This is only the last 2 weeks because I just can't show any earlier...yet. I intend to reach my goals and improve on this. After it has improved, I may show earlier mess. I have never been this consistent. So I'm posting this to show that I finally am starting to trend upward. Gotta start somewhere.

EOD No Trade

Another one of these days of open move, then flat. The one I missed was the only one I found.

Great Entry No Patience.

The longer I am in a trade, the more I start to think it's going to fail. Not sure if this makes any sense, but I guess I've been there so many times. OTOH, I've never traded entries that are this good, ever. This entry is awesome. I waited for confirmation and placed my entry aligned with other time frames and internals. I might make a list of how to think while in a trade to take my mind off of the amount of time I am in a position.

It will go something like this:
~Amount of time doesn't matter
~cycle observation around charts of 2m, 5m, 15m, TICK, TRIN, VIX, VOLD, ADD, 100tick chart
~check on reasons for entry continuing to exist
~rather than killing with a market order, consider tightening target
~only tighten stop loss to under prior pivot on one of the charts – choose one, even 100tick
~do not make stop loss arbitrary
~repeat this list now.