Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Night Thoughts Regarding Monday

So something happened last week. I feel different, and I traded perfectly, in the zone Friday. I need to continue that this week. I'm gong to get a little new-agey on it now. I'm having a hard time consciously describing all of these changes that sum up my new functionality. So I am meditating them into a rounded beach stone because it took a long time and a lot of work for the waves and sand to curve the rough edges into this smooth surface. This stone represents the changes I've made and I am anchoring my new polished ability to this polished stone. The intangible changes will be more solid for me to remember and focus on with this rock. It is a symbol of my new reality. It is disturbing how many times I've regressed so I just need to know that I am now dedicated to this card on my desk that says, "Passionate adherence to the strategy is what it takes to succeed." Most likely something I got from Dr. Brett's blog.

So the plan is sleep in 1/2 an hour. Up with 3 hours to spare, prepare, read documents regarding my method, trading plan, items to remember, checklists, and know that I am now doing it right. So I will extend the "passionate adherence" to the rest of the day that takes care of the trader, not just the market hours and trading plan.

Sometimes Mondays are sloppy, I don't have to trade. Feels like time to re-read my good-psychology page.

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