Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Morning; Been Meditating on Missing Moves as Well as Communicating With the Trading Community.

It's pretty cool to be able to add to my coping skills, the ability to reach out and communicate with the trading community. see Dr. Brett's Coping.

I made an index card regarding missing moves:

Missing Big Moves is a Fact
They help you find the direction
mm happens all day & night and in LIFE
mm is ok, it is a challenge, you may have only missed the start, so stay focused
(potential setups may include: 123, doji, pause, micro trend line)
mm is a part of my system
mm is better than losing in high volatility
Get over it
mm could lead to a setup when done

I have been constantly placing my mind in the trading position of looking at my monitors and visualizing that I just missed a move and I have been reprogramming myself to not care, not react, not allow it to bother me. Technique from Dr. Brett's Step 4 in Coping post.

I also discovered an awesome post in the blog of, My Trading Edge, that has a video by a guy I never heard of, Al Brooks, and I ordered his book on Amazon. I already incorporated his MICRO TREND LINE into my system. I combined it with NYSE TICK extremes and will be observing it today. Thanks to My Trading Edge for that!

Have a good day, traders. - J


  1. Al Brooks is awesome. Good day and good luck to you.

  2. Thanks. I ordered his book. I also found on T2W, a link in a forum for the first 50 pages of his book at Wiley. Reading it now. I really like how he does what we all do with the charts with marked up numbers to reference. That takes a lot of work and is really helpful.